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3 months ago
this is not Summer Hart
Skeeter 2 months ago
I would have nutted about two strokes in on this gorgeous piece of ass
1 month ago
Her name is Chloe Cooper not Summer Hart
Bing 3 months ago
This chick is gorgeous and fucks like a champ, but SHUT THE FUCK UP with the fake moans and YES YES YES!
Miame 2 months ago
Tater tot 3 months ago
That’s sum guy fat there
Non 3 months ago
Such literary writers
4 months ago
When my wife was out of town so she sent me to help her sister. Joked about guys usually getting something blah blah for that much help. Got her back home, she got on her knees in the spare bedroom, pulled her tits out, and asked for my cock. She was 19 and cute and a bit chubby. I put my cock in her throat, then pounded her pussy. She moaned she wasn't on BC so I shouldn't cum in her, but I did anyway. Told her to look in my eyes and filled her pussy. She's never said no since.
Bull Dick McGee 4 months ago
Chubby chicks have always been attracted to me. I was shy and one day a teacher caught me walking home and we went for a ride and she sucked my dick until I busted a nut. We went to her house. She taught me to eat pussy and I rolled her over and she had a big, jiggly ass, pretty skin and a cute little butthole hiding in there. She got up on her knees and spread and I was amazed. She was raunchy and I loved her butthole. She smelled amazing and I rubbed my face in it..